Evaluación del nivel independiente de lectura

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A unified, standards-based framework

American Reading Company offers a unified, standards-based framework for student assessment, instruction, and for text leveling in Spanish.

  • Reflects the developmental sequence for reading acquisition in Spanish
  • Provides one standards-based framework that levels the books and the students
  • Assesses phonemic awareness, phonics skills, fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension

Built from an extensive database of more than 10,000 Spanish language titles from over 85 publishers, reflect the richness and diversity of the Spanish language and Spanish-speaking cultures. The best authentic books and the finest translations are organized into leveled collections based on the developmental sequence or reading acquisition in Spanish.

Common Core State Standards for Reading

Not a mere translation of our standards-based Independent Reading Level Assessment (IRLA), ENIL stays true to the idiosyncrasies of the process involved in learning how to read in Spanish, while taking advantage of its commonalities with the acquisition of literacy skills in English. Specifically, ENIL includes every Common Core State Standard for Reading, as well as those Language and Foundational Skills standards key to reading success in Spanish, for students in grades PreK through 12.

For more information, please visit American Reading Company to learn more about the Leveling System and the ENIL.