Skills Cards

One Skills Card is included with every purchase for each level of book ordered. So, if you purchase all Yellow books, you’ll receive one Yellow Skills Card. If you buy a mix of books at different levels (e.g., Yellow, 1 Green, and 2 Green), then you’ll receive three Skills Cards, one for each level.

What is a Skills Card? Skills Cards are half-page, front and back, quick reference guides that summarize each level; including power goals, reading habits, and skills children need to learn and master.


All three Yellow levels (1Y, 2Y, and 3Y) are included in the Yellow Skills Card. Learn more about level Yellow.

Yellow Skills Card
Yellow Skills Card (Reverse)


All three Amarillo levels (1A, 2A, and 3A) are included in the Amarillo Skills Card. A translation Skills Card is provided

Amarillo Skills Card
Amarillo Skills Card (Reverse)
Amarillo Skills Card - English Translation (Front)
Amarillo Skills Card - English Translation(Reverse)