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Students and families are eligible to access more than 700 ARC Press eBooks in English and Spanish. These books are all written at kindergarten - 1st grade reading levels, and most are high-interest nonfiction that will appeal to both young students and older struggling readers.

When Can I Access the free eBooks?

The free eBook offer starts now and ends on September 1, 2017. Any free eBooks you access through this offer will expire on September 1, 2017. After that day, expired eBooks will be automatically removed from your account and your mobile devices.

How Can I Access the free eBooks?

To access the free eBooks simply Create an account or Log in below then select the device to either download the appropariate app or start reading using any modern browser!

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What reading level is appropriate for my reader?

You can find your child’s reading level by reading our sample books in our Leveling Wizard. If you already know your child's reading level select the appropriate library below to browse all books in that level.

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About American Reading Company

American Reading Company’s Leveling System maps out the reading field for both books and readers, integrating Common Core Standards for reading acquisition with a deep knowledge of the demands of literature and informational text for students, grades K through 12. For more information about the Leveling System visit American Reading Company’s official website.