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American Reading Company & READ! by 4th

We are proud to support the READ! by 4th initiative. As part of the READ! by 4th initiative, American Reading Company is offering 50 free eBooks and a coaching guide during the winter break from December 14, 2016–January 2, 2017. Please enjoy these wonderful books and the coaching guide with your children during the winter break.

What is READ! by 4th?

Ready, Engaged, Able and Determined by 4th Grade is an intitiative with the priority on making sure that Philadelphia’s students read proficiently by the time they’re in 4th grade.

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50 free eBooks via American Reading at Home!

American Reading Company is making the following 50 eBooks available for free on Bookshelf until January 2, 2017. These eBooks can be read on any Android, iPhone, or iPad device using the free Bookshelf eReader. You can also read these eBooks on the web.

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Coaching Guide

As a reading coach, developing a reading relationship with your child/student is your first priority. Find out what interests your student. Explore new books on these topics together. Talk with him or her about the interesting, funny, surprising things you encounter in books. Share your own interests and reading life. Download Coaching Guide (PDF)

The Reader

  • Holds the book.
  • Points to each word as he or she reads it (Levels Y–G).
  • Tries to figure out a word he or she doesn’t know.
  • Asks for help if the word is too hard.

The Coach

  • Listens to every word the reader reads.
  • When the reader asks for help, gives appropriate tips for solving the hard word.
  • Records notes on the Coaching Record.
  • Sees the good things the reader does and says nice things to the reader.

About American Reading Company

American Reading Company’s Leveling System maps out the reading field for both books and readers, integrating Common Core Standards for reading acquisition with a deep knowledge of the demands of literature and informational text for students, grades K through 12. For more information about the Leveling System visit American Reading Company’s official website.