What is 2 Blue?

2 Blue can use words they know, like and, to figure out two-syllable words they don’t, like handle, sandy, and handed.

2 Blue readers can:

  1. Recognize words they know at flash speed.
  2. Cover parts of a new word and look for words, or a part of a word, they know inside.
  3. Use what they know about letters, words, and the meaning of the book to make sure each word they read makes sense.

What Makes 2 Blue Books Unique?

2 Blue books are written using two-syllable words that can be decoded (chunk, rhyme) using the high-frequency sight words readers already know from the Green levels and words that are clued by the picture, the first letter sounds, and/or the syntax.

Teach Your Child to be 2 Blue

Minimum Entry Requirement: Use words you know to read 1-Syllable words that rhyme.

If your child knows it, can he read hit, sit, fit, spit, etc,? If not, he will need to learn this skill and practice it in 1 Blue, first.

Chunking Two-Syllable Words

When your child comes to a two-syllable word he doesn’t know, can he cover up different parts of the word until he finds smaller words he knows inside? Can he use them to figure out the new word? If not, use the 2 Blue Coaching Tips to get him started.


Watch Eddie LEARN to be 2 Blue

2 Blue Coaching Tips

  • Get those fingers all over the words! When your child comes to a new word, ask him to cover parts of the unfamiliar word to find something he knows. Model for your child and encourage him to do it on his own.
  • Be patient! This new reading skill is seriously hard work for a growing reader. Once she finds a chunk that looks familiar, he will need to recall what known word it is part of, take off the first letter of the known word, vocalize the isolated chunk, add the beginning sound of the new word to the chunk, and see if it turns out to be a sensible word. It’s a lot to think about!
  • Convey your pride and astonishment in your child’s mastery of this new, impressive skill. Phrases like “I can’t believe it!” or “You are an amazing reader!” or “Wait until I tell [____] what word you figured out all by yourself!” will all help strengthen your child’s sense of accomplishment.
  • Comprehension continues to be a very important skill to check for at 2 Blue. Because so much of the emphasis is on figuring out new words, some children can start to miss the meaning. Ask your child questions throughout the book about what is happening and why. If he doesn’t know, it’s good to go back and re-read and talk more about the story or the interesting facts.
  • The 2 Blue books tend to be longer, and your child’s attention span and reading stamina will increase. If you sense he is tiring, don’t forget to make a snack and keep reading time short and fun. You can also trade off pages—you read one page and your child reads the next. If your child becomes distracted or fatigued midway through a book, it’s a great time to use a bookmark and finish the book the next day.
  • Continue to have your child read to you for at least 15 minutes per day. Some parents use the “I’ll read you a book, and then you read me a book” routine. Always let your child choose the 2 Blue book he wants to read to you. Adhering to a routine for reading time can be helpful for some children, but do whatever works best for your family’s schedule.

What Mistakes Should I Correct?

  • If your child is covering up parts of the word but can’t find the chunk he knows, give him a hint by telling him which letters to cover up.
  • If the word isn’t in your child’s vocabulary (e.g., cheetah, mammal), tell him the word and give her a quick 1-sentence definition.


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