Bronze Basket of 25 Books

Appropriate for Grades 7 and 8
Includes 25-Book Library, 1 Skills Card, 1 Storage Basket, and 1 Basket Sticker

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  • 25-Book Library
  • Bronze Skills Card
  • Bronze Storage Basket
  • Bronze Basket Sticker

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Titles in this collection

The titles in this leveled basket collection are continuously changing based on inventory levels and publisher availability, thus we cannot provide you with a definitive list of titles that you will receive. We can assure you, however, that all titles represent the very best in children’s literature and include a mix of fiction/non-fiction, boy/girl characters, and serious/fun topics! All of the books are hand-chosen by a team of literacy experts at American Reading Company who have evaluated more than 100,000 titles from more than 250 publishers. In the event that a basket collection you receive includes any titles that you already own, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of any individual titles. They do make great birthday gifts!

Reading Level: Bronze

1Br versus 2Br readers are not distinguished by the difficulty of the text they read, but by the sophistication with which they can analyze author’s craft across a wide range of genres and forms. Of course, some Br books are harder than others, but which Br books will be difficult for which readers is more dependent on the background knowledge, genre knowledge, and vocabulary of individual readers than on the difficulty of the text. Students entering 1Br have read widely in Pu text and can handle a few of their most familiar genres in Br. In these genres they can identify choices the author has made as a writer, compare these choices to those of another author writing in the same genre or on the same subject, and critique the effectiveness of these choices. 1Br readers can determine an author’s perspective in a text and are just beginning to speculate on how the different perspectives of authors shape the choices they make

In order to handle Br text, comfort with the 16–20 literary words per typical chapter book page and common literary constructs, extensive experience as a reader, and sufficient academic background in history and science are required.

Books in these collections contain content appropriate for 7th-8th grade readers, which, in a small number of cases, may include more mature themes and language. Learn more about Bronze