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“It’s well researched and engaging for kids.” —Melissa Taylor,

“My 4-year-old (2Y Reader!) and I downloaded the app and busily started reviewing the books. Between last night and this morning, he has already (on his own) absconded with my iPad and read 20 + titles. This is an incredible resource!” —Dr. Emily Brown.

“The pictures! The pictures in these books are incredible!” -Elizabeth, Kickin’ it in Kindergarten

“The online coaching tips helped me know exactly what to do at each color level.” —Michelle L., mom of 2

“It’s a great system to learn the first 120 sight words.” —Steven E., dad of 2

“The whole experience brought me closer to my son.” —Leslie S., mom of 3

“This app has quickly replaced the backpack of books we’d carry around for my daughter on long car rides. It’s also the first thing we reach for at bedtime; she’s only 3 but already knows how to open the app and find her favorite books!” —Chad, dad of 3

“As a stay-at-home mom and former Kindergarten and first-grade teacher, I have had the pleasure of discovering your books!” —Kimberly, mom of 1