Our best value at just two dollars per eBook! The eBundle includes all the eBooks you need to help your child gain confidence in reading from the very earliest stages of reading—before he/she can even read words—up to the first grade (2 Green) reading level. The 75-eBook collection includes 25 eBooks at each level and offers the breadth and depth of titles to support optimal independent reading growth. Your child can read these eBooks on any computer or device using Bookshelf.

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  • 75 eBooks



Also available in Spanish

Terms & Conditions:

eBooks are for personal use only and are accessible on up to 5 devices.

25 eBooks at 1-3Y Level

Includes 5 Great eBook Collections:

Marine Life Exploration

DolphinsHammerhead SharksOceansSea TurtlesYou Are a Fish

Color My World

Blue All AroundGreen All AroundOrange All AroundThe Pink BookYellow All Around

Moving on Wheels

At the GarageEarth MoversThe Tree TruckTrucksWork

Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs

AntsDragonfliesJumping SpidersMantisesWasps

In My World

At the BeachAt the LakeAt the ParkIn My GardenIn the Woods

25 eBooks at 1G Level

Includes 5 Great eBook Collections:

Home Sweet Home

Home AloneLet Me InSnow DogThe StormWhere is My Boy?

Adventures of the Cat

Cat SnacksCat TricksThe CatCome With MePretty Cat

Adventures of the Dog

I Like My StuffI Want a DogTag AlongTime for a BathWhere Is That Dog?

Who Eats What

Who Eats What? — In the DesertWho Eats What? — In the OceanWho Eats What? - On the PrairieI Want to EatAlligators Eat

Forest Animals

Bald EaglesCougarsForest BugsWho Eats What? — In the ForestWolves Eat

25 eBooks at 2G Level

Includes 5 Great eBook Collections:

Mornings & Nights

CampingClean CatPancakesTime to Get Up!Will You Go?

More About Sports

Play BaseballPlay BasketballPlay FootballPlay Ice HockeySoccer

Marvels of Marine Life

Antarctic PenguinsBlue Whale BabiesJellyfishSharksThese Are Dolphins


Brown Bear or Black Bear?CobrasThe Lion PrideThese Are WolvesThis Is a Bald Eagle

Insect Exploration

BeetlesPraying MantisThese Are AntsWaspsWolf Spiders Are Like Wolves