2R Basket of 30 Books

Appropriate for End of Grade 2
Includes 30-Book Library, 1 Skills Card, 1 Storage Basket, and 1 Basket Sticker

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  • 30-Book Library
  • 2 Red Skills Card
  • Red Storage Basket
  • 2 Red Basket Sticker

Reading Level:

2 Red



Titles in this collection

The titles in this leveled basket collection are continuously changing based on inventory levels and publisher availability, thus we cannot provide you with a definitive list of titles that you will receive. We can assure you, however, that all titles represent the very best in children’s literature and include a mix of fiction/non-fiction, boy/girl characters, and serious/fun topics! All of the books are hand-chosen by a team of literacy experts at American Reading Company who have evaluated more than 100,000 titles from more than 250 publishers. In the event that a basket collection you receive includes any titles that you already own, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of any individual titles. They do make great birthday gifts!

Reading Level: 2 Red

2R readers begin 2R as picture book readers and leave as chapter book readers. They develop the habit of silent reading, the ability to sustain interest across sittings, and finally, the chapter book reading habit, where they must engage and understand without the aid of illustrations. Students should not leave 2R until they are successfully reading (and finishing) at least one chapter book a week

2R readers are able to try various vowel sounds for unfamiliar words until they recognize the word from everyday speech. 2R books are full of irregularly spelled words, multi- syllabic words, special vowel spellings, but all of the words in 2R books should be familiar to readers from their oral language (e.g., gigantic, scientist). Their use of decoding and context clues allows the 2R readers to get close enough to the pronunciation of any word so that as they try different possible pronunciations, they recognize one. Expect 2R readers to be able to approximate pronunciation of difficult names. Learn more about 2 Red