Gold Basket of 25 Books

Appropriate for Grades 11 and 12
Includes 25-Book Library, 1 Skills Card, 1 Storage Basket, and 1 Basket Sticker

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  • 25-Book Library
  • Gold Skills Card
  • Gold Storage Basket
  • Gold Basket Sticker

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Titles in this collection

The titles in this leveled basket collection are continuously changing based on inventory levels and publisher availability, thus we cannot provide you with a definitive list of titles that you will receive. We can assure you, however, that all titles represent the very best in children’s literature and include a mix of fiction/non-fiction, boy/girl characters, and serious/fun topics! All of the books are hand-chosen by a team of literacy experts at American Reading Company who have evaluated more than 100,000 titles from more than 250 publishers. In the event that a basket collection you receive includes any titles that you already own, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges of any individual titles. They do make great birthday gifts!

Reading Level: Gold

Gl-level readers understand that texts are a product of their times. They seek to locate the text in the literary or intellectual context of the author as a way to examine the influences on its style and themes. They have developed a critical eye toward writing and can discuss an author’s use of literary techniques, propaganda, and rhetoric. They read actively, talking back to the author, locating him/her in a given social, political, or artistic moment, questioning and probing both the ideas and their presentation. Comfort with the 25+ literary words per typical chapter book page requires extensive experience as a reader. Sentences are complex, figurative language is common, and most adults cannot handle materials written at this level of complexity. Just because a reader can read a Gl text fluently doesn’t mean he/she is a Gl level reader. Dig deeply into the reader’s knowledge of the vocabulary, understanding of the ideas, and ability to critique the writing before assigning him/her the Gl designation. Gl-level readers should be prepared for the marathon reading sessions (2–4 hours) required by college entrance exams. Learn more about Gold