2 Blue Books

2 Blue readers know to look for the known inside the unknown. They have their fingers on the text, covering up beginnings and endings of unfamiliar words, looking for chunks, vowel patterns, endings, little words inside bigger words, as they successfully figure out the 2-syllable words common to 2 Blue text. 2 Blue books begin to include narratives with some characterization and simple plots. Be careful, because 2 Blue is the first level in which readers can decode without following the meaning of the text. Titles may be subject to change due to availability.


2B Basket of 30 Books
2B Basket of 30 BooksAppropriate for End of Grade 1
Includes 30-Book Library, 1 Skills Card, 1 Storage Basket, and 1 Basket Sticker

Individual Titles

The BloodsuckersCheetahs Are HuntersNow, I Love to Read!RattlesnakesSpiders Are HuntersSpiders Don't Suck Blood
What Good Are Bugs?When the Wolves Came BackWho Needs Bees?