1 Blue Books

1 Blue books are written at the middle of first grade reading level. To read these books successfully, a reader needs to have a sight word bank of 150-300 high-frequency words. The reader can also use words they know to help figure out words they don’t know (e.g., by knowing the word all, they can figure out ball, call, and walls.) The 1 Blue level is a huge jump forward in reading from 2 Green, so it’s important to take it slow! Titles may be subject to change due to availability.

Individual Titles

All Bees Have JobsAnimals and ToolsAnimals Sleep in Lots of WaysAnt BuildersAnt FarmersApples Make Juice
Back Seat BluesBigfoots Have Big ToesCan I Go?Cat NapCat WalkCaterpillars Crawl Their Way to the Sky
Chimps Use SticksCorn Needs CornCould a Tiger Be My Pet?CrocodilesDan Gets a CallDan Gets a Cat
The Grand ScamGrasshoppers SingGreat White SharksHow Birds EatHow Do They Live in the Desert?How the Leopard Hunts
How the Polar Bear HuntsHow the Tiger Takes Care of Her BabiesHow the Wolf HuntsLet's QuitThe Life of a ButterflyThe Life of a Honey Bee
The Life of a Queen WaspOrcas: The Wolves of the SeasPandas Live to EatPumpkin Roots and VinesRun AwaySlam Bam Sam
Smelling GoodSome Animals Play TricksThe Elephant's TrunkThe StreamTreesThe Vet
Vultures EatWaterWe Can Fix ItWhat Are You Thinking?What's So Good About Matt?When Is a Goat Just a Goat?
Where Did the Dinosaurs Go?Where the Birds SitWho Can I Call?Who Took That Dog?Wind