Yellow Books

Yellow books are written with just one basic sentence stem that repeats on every page. Only one word changes on each page and that word is obvious from the picture clues. Children read the same Yellow books for each of the 1Y, 2Y, and 3Y levels, but add a new reading skill at each level. Titles may be subject to change due to availability.

Individual Titles

All Sorts of PetsAnimal HomesAnimals Can WorkAnimals in the HouseAntsThe Arctic
The Artist BookAsian ElephantsAt the AirportAt the BeachAt the GarageAt the Lake
At the MoviesAt the ParkAt the Skate ParkThe Bald EagleBat Can FlyBat Mail
BatsBear Can JumpBear Can WalkBikesBird at SchoolBird Can Fly
Bird Has LotsBlow in the WindBlue All AroundThe BoyBrown BearsBubble Bear
Bug HomesBugs and More BugsBuilders Build HousesBunny Loves BugsButterflies Grow UpThe Butterfly Looks Like This
The Cactus BookCactus SnacksCamels of AsiaCan You See the Salamander?CatsCheetahs
Chickens of the FarmClothes HoundsCobrasColors in the JungleThe Dark of the OceanDeserts
Dinosaur ColorsDog DoctorsDogsDon't Throw Away That Water BottleDragonfliesEarth Movers
ElephantsFarms Have AnimalsFlood RescueFlower ColorsFood Grows Like ThisFootball
FrogsGo, Bear, Go!Going Here to ThereThe Great White SharkGreen All AroundGuinea
Ha! Ha! Ha!Hammerhead SharksHappy Birthday!Here Are My EggsHere Comes DinnerHere Comes the Apple Tree
How Animals Grow UpI Am a PufferfishI Am a VultureI Can Fly!I Can See the SeaweedIce Hockey
The Ice StormIn My GardenIn the BackpackIn the OceanIn the WoodsIn Your Dreams!
Is this Living or Non-Living?The JugglerJumping SpidersKomodo DragonsLeopardsLet's Go Camping
Lions of AfricaLiving and Non-Living Things in the CityLook at That!Look at the SignsLook at the SnakesLots of Cars
MadagascarMaliMammals Love Their BabiesMantisesA Mouse Is a MouseMy House
Night FlightNile CrocodilesOceansOn the BeachOrange All AroundOrangutans
Out of the HatParrot ColorsThe Parrot FamilyPenguins Have It AllThe Pink BookPolar Bears
Police OfficersPrairiesPurple All AroundThe Race Car Is Fast!RainRain in the Rainforest
Rainforest AnimalsRainforestsRed All AroundRed Fox, TheRobber FliesSavannas
See the HorseSee the MammalsSee the ReptilesSending a LetterShadowsSing Song Day
SoccerSunflowers GrowThat's Big!That's Fast!This is My FamilyTigers
Time for PumpkinsThe Tree TruckTrucksTrucks in the CityTwo Desert HomesVets Can Help
WaspsWe Can PlayWe Like ApplesWe Like CornWe Need TreesWetlands
What Can Bird Be?What Can I Eat?What Do Monkeys Eat?What Do They HaveWhat Penguins NeedWhat Will Bear Wear?
What's for Lunch?What's on the Little Boat?What's That FarmWheelsWhere Are My Shoes?Where Can Owls Nest?
Who Am I?Who Can Live in a Tree?Who Is Up At Night? In the ForestWhy Is Bird Smart?Wild DogsWolf Spiders Eat
WolvesWolves Like to EatWorkWork on the FarmYellow All AroundYou Are a Fish
You Think You Know GiraffesYou Think You Know HipposYou Think You Know PigsYou Think You Know Zebras