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1 Green Books

1 Green books use simple sentences with picture and pattern support and the first 60 sight words. Titles may be subject to change due to availability.

Individual Titles

A Good ScratchAfghanistanAlligators EatApples Want WaterAre You a Fish?Are You in My Family?
Bald EaglesBats and BirdsBear Gets a HatBees and WaspsThe Big SneezeThe Bird Nest
The Book of BeetlesThe Book of FliesThe Book of SharksBugs Bug BearCan I Fly?Can You See the Beetle?
Can You See the Praying Mantis?The CanoeCat SnacksCat TricksThe CatClouds
Come in Here, Crocs!Come With MeCool BooksCougarsDesert BugsDogtown Diner
Dogtown's Got TalentThe EggFarmers Like Barn OwlsFish EggsFish TeethFlies Eat What?!
Forest BugsFrogs and ToadsGet UpGrasshoppers and CricketsGrasshoppers on the GoThe Grasslands of Africa
Happy Birthday DogtownHere I Come, Mouse!Home AloneHot Desert, Cold DesertI Grow UpI Have to Go!
I Like My StuffI Live HereI Love Ice HockeyI Love SoccerI Love to SleepI Want a Dog
I Want to EatIceIs a Bird a Good Pet?Let Me InLionsLook at All the Dogs
Looking at BirdsMexicoMy BabiesMy ForestPaint a PicturePeanut Plants
Penguin Gets AwayPigsPretty CatRainforest BugsRainforest TonguesSavanna Teeth
School in AfricaSea Turtles EatSnowSnow DogStingrays Can't See Their FoodThe Storm
Swamp BugsTag AlongTake a HikeThe Life of a DandelionThis Forest, That ForestThis Is a Brown Bear
Tigers Have to EatTime for a BathToad!Up HereWe Are All AnimalsWhat?!
What Are Houses Like in Africa?What Bug Is That?What Lives in a Wetland?What Was I Like?Where Is Here?Where is My Boy?
Where Is That Dog?Who Can It Be?Who Eats What? — In the DesertWho Eats What? — In the ForestWho Eats What? — In the OceanWho Eats What? — In the Savanna
Who Eats What? — On the PrairieWolf Babies EatWolf SpidersWolves EatYou Can't Have It!